Hiking paradise

The Turiec region overflows with spectacular nature, gorgeous and diverse mountains, natural phenomena gems and historic landmarks. The whole region offers a wide range of hiking trails due to its advantageous location and two national parks.

The Turiec region is nestled in a natural high-altitude basin. It is enclosed by the Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra ridge, Kremnické vrchy and the mountains of Žiar. The Turiec river forms the central axis of the basin and flows into the Váh at the Strečnianska úžina strait near Vrútky. Veľký Kriváň with its elevation of 1,709 metres above sea level is the highest peak in Turiec and is located in the Malá Fatra National Park.

What hikes to take

– the central unforested part of the main ridge of the Lúčanská Malá Fatra that distinctively towers over the Turčianska kotlina basin. Martinské hole is intertwined by a network of waymarked hiking trails. It offers ideal skiing terrains for both downhill and cross-country skiing.

– an almost 38 m-high waterfall in the Šútovská dolina valley in the mountains of the Krivánska Malá Fatra. Located 23 km north-east of Martin. A hiking trail directly in the picturesque environment of the Malá Fatra.

– romantic strolls through the beautiful nature of the Magura mountains. Located in the Malá Fatra National Park. It offers great conditions for summer and winter hikes. (Lipovec exit in Vrútky)

– one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovakia. It looks like a canyon with spectacular limestone and dolomite rock formations. It is approximately 17 km long. Rare limestone rock decoration and relic pine tree cover. (from Martin in the direction of Turčianske Teplice)

– hiking and winter sports centre that offers year-round possibilities located 13 km from Martin. The main types of sport and relaxation activities include: summer and winter hiking, fishing, hunting, forest berry picking, skiing, sledging and cross-country skiing.

– a village built in the rugged mountain terrain of the Panský diel slope. Striking wooden log houses and stone and mortar houses. In 1979, it was proclaimed a monument reserve of folk architecture. A CLIMB TO BORIŠOV – provides a spectacular view of Martin and its wider surroundings.

– a recreational area located on the slopes of the Lúčanská Malá Fatra. Great conditions for summer hiking, ball games and tennis.

Where to go to experience history

Sklabinský podzámok
Early Gothic castle ruins from the 13th century towering over the Sklabiňa village. The first written mention comes from 1242. At the beginning of the 17th century, a representative residence was built on the premises that was burned down by fascists in 1944.

In its early history, Blatnica was a royal village. The village will catch your eye with its folk architecture, houses with arched gates from the end of the 18th century and middle of the 19th century and garners located around the Blatnický potok stream. Karol Plicka Museum in Blatnica – exhibition of the life and works of this important photographer open daily except Mondays from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A Gothic Catholic church from the end of the 13th century, two Renaissance churches from the 17th century.

Turčianske jaseno
An early Gothic church from the beginning of the 13th century with interior Gothic murals from the 14th century, classic Evangelical church from 1783.

Kláštor pod Znievom
The village boasts two typical manor houses, a former town hall from 1780 adapted in the Classicism style and the Baroque building of the 1st Slovak Gymnasium. An original early Gothic Church of St. Nicholas, adapted in the Baroque style. Ruins of a castle tower over the village.

Educational trails

Educational trail over the ridge of the Veľká Fatra
11 km long with 9 stops. Starting points: Turecká – Líška or Borišov. The starting point in Borišov is accessible from Necpaly. The educational trail introduces hikers to the rich fauna and flora, offers panoramic views of the main ridge of the Malá Fatra and the peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges of central Slovakia.

Chleb educational trail
Starting point at the Snilovské sedlo mountain pass. Accessible by a chairlift from the Vrátna dolina valley or from the Šútovo village. The trail leads to the Chleb and Hromové hills. Both hills offer amazing views of Martinské hole, Veľká Fatra, Nízke Tatry, Chočské vrchy, Roháče and Babia hora.


Ask for a brochure with a resort map at the cash desk. In addition to a map, you can find other essential information useful for your pleasant stay in the Winter Park Martinky.


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Due to the risk of Covid-19 transmission, the upcoming season will be a little different than we would like. However, we believe that spending time outside in the fresh air while respecting strict hygienic measures cannot be harmful.

We will regularly update all the information depending on developments in the country and region.

However, the following rules remain in place:

Cover your mouth and nose when around others
Keep a 2-metre distance
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Avoid close contact with people who don´t live in your household
Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow when you cough and sneeze