For primary and secondary school

Ski Courses

Do not hesitate and entrust yourself to the professional instructors of FATRA SKI. Thanks to our instructors, you will learn everything correctly, without bad habits and injuries.

Teaching at FATRA SKI is based on proven Austrian methodology. Particular attention is paid to the youngest skiers. The basis for teaching children is that they enjoy skiing and do not get bored. Our instructors use a safe and well-maintained children's slope and various aids that not only make the lockout easier, but also faster and more enjoyable.

Prepare for the ski course on time

Skiing and snowboarding lessons for groups with certified FATRA SKI instructors are intended for primary and secondary school students. The season of ski courses takes place at Martinské hole usually from December to March. Accommodation and ski equipment rental are available for students. The end of the course is connected with an informal ski race, where students can test their performance on a professionally prepared track with a timer.


Ski pass price / day 12 €
  • for ten purchased ski passes, there is one instructor’s ski pass for 1 euro / day
  • the price is valid for an organized course for children from the day they turn 6 to the day they turn 18
  • in case there is more than one instructor per 10 persons, he/she will purchase a ski pass at the same rate as the other members of the group



  • ski passes must be purchased for the entire duration of the stay (not every morning)
  • make the purchase at least one day in advance by 3:30 p. m., or on the morning of the first day of the course by 8:15 a. m.
  • if the lesson is also during the weekend, the condition of purchasing ski passes for at least three days applies

In case of illness or other health reasons, when it is not possible to “ski” all days, it is possible to refund the purchase price of ski passes for “non-skied” days only on the basis of a medical report.

Ski course with accommodation and meals

Take advantage of the possibility of accommodation in a cottage right in the heart of the ski resort, right below the lift B – Rekreačný. Chata Dvojka is a tourist hostel with a capacity of 33 beds.

  • there are 8 rooms in the cottage (2×3, 3×4, 3×6 beds, some beds are bunk)
  • the cottage has a large common room and a fully equipped kitchen, the sanitary facilities are shared in the corridors
  • all-day meals are provided in the restaurant Nová Ponorka, which is located only 80m from the cottage

What is the price of ski courses?

The price of the ski course depends on the total number of students, the number of course days, the choice of food and accommodation in Martinské hole, or the need for ski equipment, which students can borrow at a significant discount. Fill out and submit the form below and we’ll be happy to prepare a quote tailored exactly to your needs.

  • discounted rental of ski equipment
  • day or night snowshoe trips

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